Monday May 13, 1996

Dear Diary

Hi! N/M/H (nothing much happened) today in school. We have a new gym teacher & we had to do jumping jacks and Ben had to go inside the circle and do them, but he can’t! It was so funny! But in a way I felt bad for him. Me & Debbie are getting a red shirt job. They like clean up parks & stuff. You get paid $300 every 2 weeks. Dude! PS – there is a dance up at church next Sat! Tell you ‘bout it then.

Audi! Julie

Dear 1996 Julie

How nice of you to feel compassion for Ben. What a good little person you are. If only you had shown it then instead of laughing along with everyone, you little follower! Ah well, live and learn kid. By the way, sorry red shirts never panned out for you. I really dropped the ball on that one. $150 a week is pretty baller for a 14 year old and picking up city trash is way cooler than doing shit work at a bakery, trust.

Love and light, Julie

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One Response to Monday May 13, 1996

  1. Kate from New Zealand says:

    Julie, I nearly died of laughter at the NMH (nothing much happened) because it reminds me so much of my own childhood diary. Little “slang” here and there, elaborated further in case my diary couldn’t understand.
    This is such a unique idea and a great blog!

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