Sunday May 12, 1996

Dear Diary,

Hi! Your my new diary! Its about time I got a new one! Today wuz moms day & I got mummy “white shoulders” perfume. She likes it. I baby sat for Tim & Kate Friday from 3:00 (afternoon) – 12:00 (nite) then Saturday 7:00 (nite) till 12:00 (nite) & I only got 20 bucks! That sux.

Audi! Julie

Dear 1996 Julie

Dang! Only 20 bucks?? For babysitting your cousins for 14 hours?? How in the world did you afford such an extravagant “moms day” present? A moms day present you walked or biked all the way down to Osco Drug to buy (unless it was hot or you were feeling lazy in which case you took the bus…a whopping one mile down the road). I’m pretty sure you made below minimum wage, but in all fairness you probably ate all of Aunt Barbie’s food while you were there.

Love you, smooches! Julie.

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2 Responses to Sunday May 12, 1996

  1. $20?! I hope you at least went through their stuff and ate all their junk food.

  2. Alison says:

    Girlfriend, you have just been google readered. (And I just made up a new verb.)

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