Wednesday May 15, 1996

Dear Diary,

Hi! Today for art we were in the teachers rooms to draw still art and Mark* sat across from me!!! When I was walking down there I passed by him and he asked me where class was and I wuz like “the teachers room” and he called me a scrub, but still. He wuz smiling at me and stuff. He is so fine. In library Joe* said he liked Pink Floyd, whoever they are. I think they are some 70s group.

Audi! Julie

Dear 1996 Julie,

Girl, if a boy calls you a scrub that ain’t right! So what if he smiled at you with his super white, perfectly straight smile and dimples! So what if he made direct eye contact with those baby blues! It. Aint. Right. Unless….unless he was just totally kidding and really likes you but was hiding the fact that he likes you by being mean, in which case, name calling is totally acceptable. Dude, he totally liked you. Oh yeah, Pink Floyd is some 70s band/group or whatever. It’s not your style.

Peace to the Gods, Julie

*names have been changed

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