Thursday May 16, 1996

Dear Diary

Hi! Today we baby-sat for Trish & on our way there we saw…JOE*! He is georgus! He was like “oh a bunch of cool cats” and he wuz ridin hiz bike & wearing shorts. I ❤ him. Tomorrow iz tag day in school & I have nothing to wear & mummy wouldn’t take me to Bradlees to get a new shirt, even though I had money. My life sux, how bout yours?

Audi, Julie

Dear 1996 Julie,

Bradlees? Oh honey. I know you only made about $1.50 per hour baby sitting, but Bradlees? Save your money and buy something nice down at Filenes. I can only guess you wore those tragic purple limited too jeans that you wore to death and a flannel shirt to school, or overall shorts and your favorite over sized Marvin the Martian t-shirt which you would later ruin in a chocolate “incident”. Fashionable, you were not.

Holla back young’un, Julie


*name has been changed

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2 Responses to Thursday May 16, 1996

  1. Bradlees is a step up from Caldors which is where my mother dragged me to.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Overall shorts? Yeah. Had those and two pairs (because one wasn’t enough!) of black Limited Too black overalls that I wore to death. Come to think of it, I’d rock those shortalls today 🙂

    Love your blog! Bringing back some good and not so good memories of my own circa ’94.

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