Sunday May 19th, 1996

Dear Diary,

Hi! Last nite wuz the spring fling & Erin went. We wanted her to dance with John*, but she wouldn’t. I didn’t dance with a boy either. That sux. Erin slept over since Friday & she left today. Yesterday we had Demetrio’s 4 lunch & when we went to pick it up the cute boy from the gas station wuz there! Hiz name iz John. Woa! I put some purple sparkly nail polish on. Fashion statement! My b-day is Friday! I can’t wait! We’re going to some restaurant called the Outback. Debbie go her hair straightened Saturday. It looks good!

Audi! Julie

Dear 1996 Julie

Outback, huh? You know how to pick a great birthday dinner kid, lemme tell ya. They have delicious bread. Good bread is key when dining out. Speaking of which, why the fuck didn’t you suggest Bertucci’s?? Now they have some epic bread. Don’t worry though, you’ll go there for your 21st birthday dinner. With age comes wisdom. And for some reason I feel like you did dance with a boy that night, but I could be mistaking it for the previous years spring fling where you danced with some boy, who I’m pretty sure was named John and he was a grade below you. Age is just a number, you saucy minx you.

Forever yours, Julie

*name has been changed. Not the same John that worked at the gas station. He was actually called “gas station boy” because he worked at the gas station and was a boy. And not the same John from the grade below. The amount of Johns in the post is outrageous, and totally unintentional.

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2 Responses to Sunday May 19th, 1996

  1. haha! I remember thinking chain restaurants were where it’s at in high school. If only I knew what I know know. YUCK. Well, gold fever fingers from the 99 are good though…

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