Friday May 31, 1996

Dear Diary,

Tonight wuz the night of the play! When everyone left we went up on the stage and Joe* went over and played the piano & Debbie hugged him!! Ahhhhhh! I can’t believe her! I LOVE Joe*!!! Mr. Connolly wuz there and we all gave him a hug!! Ahhh!! He and Joe* are so georgus!!

Audi, Julie

Dear 1996 Julie,

You are so fucking lame. I seriously wish I could go back in time and kill you. 

Ugh. Julie.

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5 Responses to Friday May 31, 1996

  1. That Debbie? What a whore.

  2. Phil says:

    I’m a huge fan.

  3. Karly says:

    DEBBIE Hugged HIM, LMAO!

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