Sunday June 9, 1996

Dear Diary,

S.S.L (sorry so long) I got a new job! I work at the Konditer Mister bakery in Braintree! My uncle Steve got me the job. He’s friends with the owner, Gunther. I dip strawberries, put crumbs on cakes, slice strawberries, put doilies around cakes, put mocca beans on cakes, clean tables & so on. I started yesterday. I worked 7:30-5:30 & today 7:30-1:00. It’s hard work but someones gotta do it. There iz a fine boy that works there w/ me. Today I dipped strawberries with him! Hes georgus! He’s my new crush! I wonder if he likes me too. I doubt it.

Audi, Julie

Dear 1996 Julie,

Yeah, I don’t think that boy liked you either, because in order for someone to actually like you, you have to speak to them and let them know you exist, which I am 100% sure you didn’t. And that job pretty much sucked. You will embarrass yourself and start to hate every second you are there. It won’t last long…until you go back there in college only to be fired a few months later over the phone. Ouch.

Have a good one! Julie

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