Thursday June 12, 1996

Dear Diary,

Hi! Today wuz the best day of my life! We had to set up for class night and Joe* ran around the hall with balloons hitting me with them. Then he bent down to pick one up and when he lifted hiz elbow it hit my boob. It killed! But he asked me if I was ok! Me, Debbie, Dareece and Paula went to Dimitrios and they all said he acted as if he likes me! I love him so much! The dance was so fun! I danced with all of the boys and when I danced with Joe* he had to crouch down and I had to stand on my toes! We slow danced 3x! After we went to Tram’s and all the boys including 2 girls drank wine and a pina colada! I had some and spit it out! It wuz gross!

Audi! Julie

Dear 1996 Julie,

Where do I begin?? Boys accidentally whacking you in the boob, trying alcohol, not being tall enough to dance with a boy who was at the time most likely still under 5’7”.  Now I at least know why the girls pretty much stopped growing after 8th grade…taking a whack to the boobs stunted their growth.  And pina coladas are SUPER gross! Anything coconut flavored is disgusting, but you will have to drink a lot of parrot bay to figure that one out. Have fun.

Later gator, Julie

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