Friday September 6, 1996

Dear Diary,

Hi! We went to our first BC high dance! We met 3 new friends at FBA. One of them danced with two boyz, got their numbers, and french kissed them! I am so jealous! I asked 2 boyz to dance but they said no! Bastards! In 2 weeks there’s another one. Kewl! Paula was supposed to go with us but she ditched us for Anna! There were so many fine boys there! I HATE WORK I HATE REBECCA AND GUNTHER I’M QUITTING.

Audi, Julie

Dear 1996 Julie,

Okay, first of all, take it down a notch! Hate is a strong emotion sister. No need for all caps and almost ripping the paper with your pen. You will quit soon enough and start a much cooler job…working at the Swiss House bussing tables. How glamorous. And dude, those boys are totally bastards for turning you down at the dance. At least you had the balls to ask them, so good for you. If only those boys could only see you now…

❤  Julie.

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6 Responses to Friday September 6, 1996

  1. OMG I remember when “french kissing” was SUCH a big deal!! I actually haven’t heard that term in years!

  2. Ali says:

    I love this one! I used to go to BC danced my Freshman year too. No one danced with me either. Luckily a year later I met a hot bad-ass Charlestown High boy that lived in the projects (wrong side of the track), who 9 year later became a cop and 2 years after that married me! Screw that bastard BC High Boys….loozas!

  3. At least your scandalous black boyfriend didn’t dump you because Artie Frollins touched your butt.

  4. Paula says:

    I bet I ditched you to go to the North End with Anna. What an ass of me!! Then, she turned out to be too wild for my liking…hahhaa

  5. Chase says:

    I totally remember writing in all caps and almost ripping the paper with my pen. Everything was so extreme back then!! =)

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