Friday October 18, 1996

Dear Diary,

I am sooooo happy!!!! I got a b-f! (well, kinda almost). Hiz name is Peter & he goes to BC & he’s friends with Michelle MacDougall (she’s my best-f!). I met him through her. He’s fine! We slow danced 3x together! Plus he’s wicked nice and sweet! Peter danced sooo close to me! His arms were wraped against my waist!!

Oh – PS I quite the bakery!!!!!! FINALLY!! I now work at the Swiss House! Yea!

Audi! Julie

Dear 1996 Julie,

Okay, let me guess…you met Peter that night and because he knows a good friend of yours and slow danced with you 3 times, you assume that makes him your boyfriend. Well guess again honey!! Boyfriends don’t come that easily. There is a lot of mind games, phone tag, texting, flirting, lying, mind games, jealously, make-up, sucking in your gut, drunken hook ups and tight uncomfortable clothing involved in getting a boyfriend. If it were that fucking easy you’d be fucking married by now you dumb fuck. Oh,  and congrats on the new job.

Bye, Julie


Side note – I wrote down the songs Peter and I danced to. Glycerine by Bush, Kiss from a Rose by Seal and Yellow Ledbedder by Pearl Jam. Anyone of those could make a wonderful first dance song at a wedding. Just saying.

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One Response to Friday October 18, 1996

  1. Chase says:

    Those songs were on hot repeat on my 1996 playlists too. I can hear them in my head like I just heard them yesterday =) LOVE IT.

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