Sunday October 20, 1996

Dear Diary,

I’m soooo depressed. I just got off the phone with Michelle and she said that Peter’s friend (Mike) said he might not call me cuz he said something about Peter’s ex-girl friend and shit and that he doesn’t like me. Michelle gave him my number last night and he hasn’t called me yet. Does he like me? I dunno. When the lights came on at the dance I looked like shit. But at the dance he told Mich that he thought I didn’t like him, but she said I did, which I do. I really thought he liked me. I guess not. Mike said that Peter didn’t like me and he’s his friend. So he wouldn’t lie. I hope he did though, cause my feelings are hurt. If anything changes with this I’ll write you. Sadly, I G/G

Audi, Julie 😦

Dear 1996 Julie,

As much as I want to make fun of you, I feel kind of bad for you. Young “love” or like or unrequited love or whatever you want to call it sucks ass. You can’t fall for guys that fast, nothing good ever comes of it. Trust me. And it wasn’t just you who was looking like shit when the lights came on, it happens to everyone. That’s why you need to leave places before they hit the lights. It’s common sense.

Cheer up Charlie! ❤ Julie

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4 Responses to Sunday October 20, 1996

  1. Young Julie,
    Please don’t put so much of your self worth into dumb boys. Peter is probably fat and watches football all day now. You’re better off.


  2. Karly says:

    and he probably had man boobs…

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