Wednesday October 23, 1996

Dear Diary

Hi! Guess what? We haven’t had school since Monday cause there’s a flood in the boiler room because of a rainstorm we had Sunday. It’s cool but it also sux because I’m bored out of my mind! Guess what? Peter told Michelle he hasn’t called me cuz he doesn’t know me too much. But if he didn’t wanna call me why did he ask me for my #? I duno. If he doesn’t call me soon I’ll have to hunt him down. Michelle said he likes other girls and doesn’t know which one to call. ME ME ME!! HE HE!! Well G/G

Audi, Julie

Dear 1996 Julie,

Oh wow. I believe you when you say you’ll hunt him down, you crazy ass bastard. Stalking boys is never good. Ever. Not in any way, shape or form. It’s just not cool. Especially when you visit their work to say “hi” all the time and page (fuck yeah, BEEPERS!) them on the daily. It’s not cute, it’s creepy. Thank God facebook didn’t exist back then or you’d be in some serious trouble!

Peace, Julie

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5 Responses to Wednesday October 23, 1996

  1. Karly says:

    P.S. October 23rd MY BIRTHDAY!! Woo woo

  2. Michelle says:

    I feel like I was a super bitch feeding you all this information! I should have just minded my own business, but what would we read about instead? Lol

  3. Lindsey says:

    Okay, so I found your blog through Carrots n Cake today and I’ve been reading it from the beginning. I am pretty sure I’m going to get fired if I don’t stop here because even when you cover your mouth and bite your lip, it’s still pretty obvious that you’re laughing out loud at something you’re reading on the internet. I’m sure if I had followed through with a diary back then that it would be very similar to yours. My personal favorite was the ’96 Julie’s “I really want to score, but I don’t know how.” Keep it coming!

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