Wednesday December 4th,

Dear Diary,

S.S.L!! I’ve been busy w/ school. Well, here’s an update:

  • Peter never called me
  • Thanksgiving!
  • The FBA 70s dance. I danced with Michelle’s friend Bobby!
  • I got the new Bush CD

NE way, I have a new guy friend! His name is Jamie and he lives in Everett and we talk on the phone all the time. He’s really really nice and a friend of Michelle’s. I haven’t met him in person yet but I’m dying to. Maybe I’ll meet him this weekend. That would be cool. He told Michelle that I’m cool! He’s not so bad himself – ha ha! I hope he won’t crush me like Peter did.

Well G/G ❤ Julie (new signature!)

PS – I’ll try to write more

Dear 1996 Julie,

Thank you for the bullet point update on your oh-so fabulous life. I was on the edge of my seat. I don’t buy your excuse though, you were a lazy ass in school if I recall…my guess is you were stalking poor Peter every day and plotting ways to make him love you. Creep.

Audi! Julie

Editors note – I actually wrote (new signature!) in the diary to keep it informed as to how I was going to be singing off. I guess audi got old, but from now on 2010 Julie will be using it. I gotta keep it alive.

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