Sunday January 5, 1997

Dear Diary,

Hi. I’m pissed. My stupid fuckin cheap K-Mart walkman doesn’t work and my sicotic mother wuz yellin at me. I hate her & my life. I have nothing to live for. N-E ways, on a brighter note, the Patriots won a big game today. They played against the Steelers and won 28-3! There awesome! If they win the next game they go to the super bowl! Omigod! My mom’s friend Dick’s son has a crush on me! He’s like, 12! Ewww! Well, at least someone likes me. I’m just not pretty. How come when a boy likes me he’s too young, or ugly, or fat, or no one just doesn’t tell me. I have had plenty of opportunities to go out with boys. Like Joe, Mark, and plenty others. Oh yea, we can’t forget Peter!

Well, G/G ❤ Julie

Dear 1997 Julie,

Dramatic, much? Nothing to live for? Shit girl, take it down a notch. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. You are pretty, and someday you’ll have an alright personality and for the most part normal guys will like you…however, they are usually on the young side…and slightly pudgy…and not cute in the traditional sense, but luckily you have low standards and will date the ass end of a dog as long as it makes you laugh. Note to self – re-evaluate standards. 

PS – Way to go on following football! I am impressed. You knew who they played and the score and everything! Pat on the back.

Audi! Julie

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One Response to Sunday January 5, 1997

  1. Stupid, junk walkman!

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