Friday January 10, 1997

Dear Diary,

Hi! I just got back from a B.C. dance. It wuz sooo much fun! Paula went and I danced with Peter again! Yipee! It was the last song & he came over and said hi & asked me to dance! We were thisclose (go me!) & I kept inching my way closer! He said he didn’t call me cause he lost my # and didn’t talk to Michelle that much. Excuses, excuses. But he was real sweet. I was praying that he would ask me to dance cause I saw him dancing w/ some other chick. We danced to “End of the road” by Boyz II Men & after it was over he said he’ll see me at the next dance! Love! I thin Peter noticed me before he asked me to dance cause he kept walking by me. But I kept walking by him too. Oh well, it was fate!

Well, G/G ❤ Julie

Dear 1997 Julie,

Mmm, yes fate. That’s exactly what it was. He was probably just afraid of what you’d do to him if he didn’t ask you to dance. You were probably giving him the stink eye all night.

Audi! Julie

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