Tuesday January 21, 1997

Dear Diary,

2day wuz the 1st day of mid terms. They last all week, but we’re only in school 4 2 hours! Cool. Mid-terms are scarey! Go away bad mid terms! haha! Guess what? Today Peter called Michelle and asked her for my number! Then his friend Rashawn called and said hiz name wuz David and he kept asking me if I liked Peter (which I do, but I didn’t wanna tell a stranger) so I go “kinda” and he wuz like “you wanna be hooked up with him?” and I go “I guess. Why, does he wanna be hooked up with me?” and he wuz like “well things are looking good” (yipee!) and then he wuz like “hold on” and when he came back he wuz like Peter wants me to go cuz I’m movin in on hiz territory” and I was like “ok” and click. I wuz shakin!! So then I called Michelle and told her. Do you think Peter likes me? Or was it just a joke? I hope not! I hope he likes me!

Well G/G ❤ (a very happy, nervous, excited, anxious, ect.) Julie

Dear 1997 Julie,

Are you asking your diary those questions, or me? Because you know diaries can’t answer you back…but your future self can! And my answer is NO. No he does not/did not/will not ever like you, you knuckle head. It was a total joke. Boys are stupid and dumb and they really never grow up so get used to this “game playing”. By the way, were you taking notes during this conversation?? It was a very detailed recount of the phone call. Oh well.

Audi! Julie

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