Monday February 3, 1997

Dear Diary,

I have been dissed by Peter once again. There was a CM dance Friday and I didn’t go and Peter met a girl there. The little whores name is Erin and she’s a sophmore at Boston Latin. I’m just so depressed. He called Michelle over the weekend and told her all about it. He said she’s really nice and lives down the street from him. If I had only gone to the dance I could’ve prevented it. But what I don’t get is the way Rashawn called me and stuff. And before the dance Michelle and her friend Mike called me and he said he knew all about me and Peter said he dug me.  I’m gonna put a curse on Peter and Erin’s relationship. I really hope it doesn’t last. Me and Peter were meant to be together. I know this sounds obsessive, but, I really like him. Why doesn’t he like me?

Sadly, I G/G ❤ Julie

PS –  The pat’s lost the superbowl

Dear 1997 Julie,

Oh dang, dissed and dismissed. Discarded for some whore…who you never met and have no proof of being a whore, but a whore nonetheless. I highly doubt you would’ve prevented that from going down, but nice try I guess. I really wish you didn’t focus so much on boys and relationships…clearly it didn’t serve you well on the mental health front. Putting a curse on someone is not something sane people do! Get a hobby that doesn’t involve stalking anyone, please.

Audi! Julie

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