Sunday February 16, 1997

Dear Diary,

Guess what? I’m totaly over Peter cause I have a boyfriend! His name is Colin and he goes to CM. We met Wednesday. He lives in Roslindale and Michelle introduced us. He really, really likes me. He even gave me a card for Valentines day! He’s soooo cute! Even though we haven’t exactly gone out yet, we are still boyfriend and girlfriend. N-E ways, I have strep throat really bad. I missed work this weekend and I didn’t go to school on Friday. I just slept all weekend. It sux. Well, I G/G

❤ Julie

Dear 1997 Julie

So you met this kid on Wednesday, he gave you a Valentines card 2 days later, you haven’t been on a “date”, yet you still proclaim he’s your boyfriend. For the last time, that’s not how it works! Not to mention, that boy was kind of creepy. If I remember correctly, he dropped the L bomb in that card and it freaked the shit out of you. Who does that immediately after starting a relationship?!? No one. Well no one except a dumbass 14 year old boy who has no idea what love means.  Word to the wise – if a guy says I love you right away – that’s a DEALBREAKER! Oh and that wasn’t strep throat you had, that was some scary virus shit that had you bedridden for 2 weeks! Not fun.

Audi! Julie

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5 Responses to Sunday February 16, 1997

  1. Michelle says:

    So Colin is occaisionally my mailman and is also still available… FYI

  2. Well, he lives in Roslindale…so there’s that.

  3. lisaou11 says:

    haha so true! Another good thing to take from this–it sounds like you didnt even like Colin—you just liked him because he liked you.

    Its sad when I see women doing this because they just want to be with SOMEONE.

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