Monday March 10, 1997

Dear Diary,

2day we had no school cuz of a snow day! So I went into Copley w/ Michelle. It wuz fun. We saw some boy that she used to go out with. He was fine! Then we went to BC high and met Peter (!) and Michelle’s other friend Mike. Peter looks finer than ever! Plus, he broke up with his girlfriend! Yipee! But Mike wants to go out w/ me, but he’s black! Oh well that doesnt matter to me. But still, he’s not that cute, but he’s sorta nice. NE ways Peter wuz checkin me out I think. When we were waitin 4 the bus Peter sat down then got back up and offered me his seat! That was so sweet! He laughed at every funny thing I said 2! Even more sweet! When we went back to Michelle’s I saw Colin. Ew, nastiness! I don’t like him anymore. Me and Mich wuz talking to him and my dad pulled up! How embarrassing!

G/G ❤ Julie

Dear 1997 Julie,

Black! How scandalous! Good thing you don’t care about that kind of stuff. Now if he was flabby and had man boobs, that would be a different story. I find it hilarious that even in ‘97 you were using your awesome sense of humor to impress people. Sometimes it actually works so keep it up 😉 I think you and Colin’s love affair was the shortest lived romance in the world. Give a guy a change for once!!

Audi! Julie

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