Wednesday April 3rd 1997

Dear Diary,

[good news] Well, Me, Michelle, and Katie went back 2 BC to see Mike and Peter (wed. the 12th) and we went inside! We went into the library 2 see Peter and there were so ——> many cute boys there. Peter looked happy 2 see us. But he wasn’t as friendly as last time. Oh well he was still as cute. [bad news] Peter and Mike were talkin bout Michelle behind her back, so she’s not friends with them anymore. That makes me mad! N-E ways, Michelle is going to the Xavarian semi with her friend Mike. Sadly, I’m not going. Well I could’ve gone with Colin but he was too obsessed. Xavarian iz havin a dance Saturday & I might go! Which means I’m gonna see Peter cause he goes to X dances! Yipee! N-E ways, we just had the blizzard of ‘97. We got 22 inches of beautiful snow! 3 days off from school! Tomorrow I’m going in to Quincy with Deb and Linda. Cool. Well, nothing much else has happened ‘cept for Easter I got the Spice Girls CD and a chocolate bunny. G/G, talk to ya lata!

❤ Julie

P.S. I don’t like Colin ne more cause he went 2 fast 2 soon. He said he loved me but for me it was just a little like. Oh well. I blew it again.

Dear 1997 Julie,

Taking the 215 bus into Quincy to go to the fancy movie theater I presume? How mature and fancy of you! I’m guessing there was a stop at Woolworth too for some friendship bracelet making yarn, you little crafter you! I remember how fun it used to be when it snowed. Cherish it, because as soon as you have to drive it that shit it gets old. Fish tailing on a snow covered highway with zero visibility is no picnic sister! How dare Peter and Mike talk about your BFF behind her back! Don’t they know if they wanna be your lover, they gotta get with your friends? Make it last for ever, friendship never ends? I mean, really. Everyone knows that. And that damn Colin! You didn’t blow it, him and his weird ass clinginess did. Perhaps if he had just taken it slower you would have stuck it out, and eventually gotten married and had a million little baby friends. But no. He had to be a little weirdo hornball 14 year old boy and ruin your dreams of wedded bliss. Such is life!

Audi! Julie

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One Response to Wednesday April 3rd 1997

  1. Can you believe my high school had school on those days in 97? Yeah and I went like an a-hole!

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