Monday April 7, 1997

Dear Diary,

Hi! Guess what? Friday we were supposedly supposed to wear dress up clothes 4 an Easter liturgy, but it was just a joke on the freshman! Some girls figured out the joke, but I wasn’t one of them! NOT funny! NE ways, the Xavarian dance was cool. I danced with a boy names Justin (he was Mike’s friend). He wasn’t that cute, plus he was really rude. He didn’t even talk 2 me. But he was like 7ft tall, so he probably didn’t wanna hurt his neck looking down all the time. Other than that it was a pretty fun time. The BC semi was the same night as the X dance & Peter went to the semi w/ some chick. I bet she was a slut. I hope they don’t end up goin out. I really like Peter. But it seems like to me like the people who were meant 2 be together take the longest time getting together. Example – Sonny and Brenda on GH. There is a BC dance Friday but I can’t go cause I gotta go to the church play. Oh, I am so unlucky 😦 !


Dear 1997 Julie,

Oh, Sonny and Brenda, the greatest love affair of our time. Your life was pretty much like a soap opera anyway, so it makes sense that you’d use them as a comparison.  You’re probably better off that the 7ft tall Justin didn’t talk to you, looking up at him would’ve hurt your neck just as much. It really is quite annoying…so annoying that you find yourself staring at the torso of anyone that talks to you because you couldn’t be bothered to look up. Being short sucks. I can’t believe you feel for that so-called “prank”. It was so lame too. Luckily you grow out of the whole gullible thing and never trust anyone…ever.

Audi! Julie

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2 Responses to Monday April 7, 1997

  1. Julie says:

    I just have to say that you’re on my Google Reader and I love your blog. It brings me back to 1993 when I was 13 and ridiculous. I’m a Boston girl too and feel a strange connection to you then… and now. Keep updating!!

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