Friday April 18, 1997

Dear Diary,

Hi wuz up? NMH. Guess what? In 7 days I’m going to….FLORIDA! YEA! W/ Erin, Kerri, Timmy, Katie, Debbie, Nana, Jean, Kevin, Barbie & Stephen. We’re goin 2 Disney, Epcot, Universal Studios & other stuff. We’re leavin the 25th & missing a week of school! Cool! NE ways Mike, Mich’s friend took her to his semi (Xavarian) on April 12th. She had a bad time cause he ditched her for his girlfriend the hole time. But a week ago his gf broke up with him. Good! I wanna go out w/ him! But so does Diana. She talked 2 him on the phone a couple of times. She says he’s really nice & sounds cute. Well thats untill she saw his picture 2day. She said “eh, he looks kinda skinney. he sounded cute on the phone”! HA! Me and Mich and Melissa were hopin she’d react that way cause she’s bitchy. I espeshily hoped she wouldnt like him cause he liked me first & I wanna go out with him. I guess I hafta wait till after vacation…well see ya in Florida!

❤ Julie

Dear 1997 Julie

FLORIDAAAAAAAA!!! Nice dude! Your first Disney trip at the age of 14, doesn’t get better than that. The best part of the whole trip? Driving down in the Winnebago and calling Virginia vagina in front of Nana. Oh, and the fact that you missed school for a week, that was pretty pissa too. So, now all of a sudden you like this kid Mike? Where did that come from? I’m not liking these big time gaps that have been happening lately. It’s starting to confuse me. I shouldn’t be too surprised by your crush on Mike though because you seem to change your mind about guys at the drop of a hat. Some things never change!

Audi! Julie

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