Saturday April 26, 1997

Dear Diary,

Greetings from Florida! (Orlando to be exact!) We just got to the condo today at 1am. Tomorrow – Destination: Disney! I can’t wait. The sad thing is, I lost my camera in the Winibago. Oh fuck. Well Debbie said she’ll make doubles for me. Cool. But it won’t be the same. I already took 20 pictures. I can’t believe I lost it. But ne ways, it’s rainin wicked bad here. I hope it’ll stop. I have some sad news. My mothers cousin died last Sunday night of lung cancer. He got it from smoking. My mother smokes & this didn’t teach her a lesson. Debbie is now homesick. Uncle Stevie just snapped at her cause she said she didn’t like lobster & we were goin to Red Lobster for supper. I despise lobster as well. Uncle Stevie is an asshole. He better not drive me over the edge this week. Oh well. I G/G

C-ya ❤ Julie

Dear 1997 Julie,

Question – is it really that hard to write “any” instead of ne? Is all this writing giving you carpel tunnel or something? Will writing one less letter ease the pain of a hand cramp, or save some ink in your pen? You will soon find out you didn’t lose the camera (thank god!! that thing probably cost at least $20 from Osco’s…and let’s not even get into how many rolls of film you bought with it!) in the Winnebago, having recovered it in a bag full of treats that you raided with Kerri the first night. Thank God for late night twizzler cravings!! Don’t mind that Uncle Asshole…I mean Stevie. Actually, Uncle Asshole is quite fitting. Let’s just leave it at that.

Audi! Julie

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One Response to Saturday April 26, 1997

  1. Skipp says:

    Haha, I forgot all about the practice of getting “doubles”

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