Sunday May 7, 1995

Dear Diary,

Wuz up? Today is the first time I am writing in you even though I got you Friday (from Erin & Kerri). The reason why I didn’t write you this soon is that I slept over Linda’s on Friday and over Erin & Kerri’s on Saturday. A lot has happened since Friday. On Saturday, with Erin, Kerri, Jean and Kevin we went to the dog track in Rainham. It was good but the best part was that one of the dog “trainers”? was fine. He has a Trevor Gillespie hair cut and a fine butt! I think the hair cut’s what turned me on. Then Sunday (today) Kevin made a deck on his house. Then when we came home we rented Camp Nowhere. Andrew Keegan is in it. He’s fine. But not as fine as Jonathan Taylor Thomas. He’s on Home Improvement and a movie called man of the house with Farah Fawsett & Chevy Chase. He’s currently making a new movie called Tom Sawyer. He’s Tom. I am totally in love with him. I have 236 posters of the fine babe. Oh yeah, let me tell you about myself. I’ve got brown eyes & brown hair, I’m gonna be 13 the 24th, I go to St. Mark’s school in Dorchester, MA, and I love JTT, Andrew Keegan and Mark* (a boy in my class) and I kinda like a 6th grader too. Well, see ya later,


Dear 1995 Julie, Well, hello there and thank you for the introduction! I must say, the way you recapped every mundane detail of your weekend is kind of adorable. And even more adorable (and by adorable I mean weird) is the way you introduced yourself to an inanimate object.  I hope the number of posters you have is a rough estimate, but something tells me you counted each and every single one, including the little tiny pictures you cut out and taped to your headboard and window pane. I love how no matter where you go, scoping for hot dudes is priority numero uno. Not much has changed on that front! But hair and butt’s aren’t much of a turn on these days, it’s more like having a job and car, and a few functioning brain cells.

Audi! Julie

*name has been changed

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