Wednesday May 10, 1995

Dear Diary,

Today was a crappy day. First, Mrs. Phelan, my English teacher, yelled at the whole class just cause James, Keith, Cilla, Kelly and Lauren were in the coatroom fighting. Big deal. They always do that. But this time they were hiting each other with our class broom. So it ended up on the 6th grade floor so Mrs. P got all hussy-fussy over it cause it was ours. I hate Mrs. P. Then we were ay Barbie’s and Timmy threw me a pair of pants off the balcony and I cought them and accidentily hit mummy off the head with my hand and she called me a bitch right in front of Barbie. I was so imbarresed. I almost started crying but I didn’t want to in front of Timmy and Barbie. I wanted to call her a bitch cause she told me I could. But I couldnt say it to her face cause it would hurt her feelings. Surprisingly, I didn’t cry at all. When she said sorry I laughed. I just say she’s a bitch now. She’s a bitch bitch bitch. She’s an asshole asshole asshole. There that felt better. Suzanne got yelled at by Mrs. Frain cause she wrote on her bible. See ya later,


Dear 1995 Julie,

Awww!! My little self of yester-year! If I could turn back time, if I could find a way I’d take back those words that hurt you, and give you a giant hug and some ice cream. Wednesday May 10 1995 sucked, but May 10 2010 will be a lot better. Not because anything special happened, just because you won’t be in 7th grade with a bitch ass english teacher and a mom who was clearly going through the change or something causing her to have a turret’s syndrome-like profanity laced outburst in front of family members. Everything will be okay my little self. Well, maybe not everything…because you’re 28, reside in a basement, and have yet to marry and procreate. But other than that…

Audi! Julie

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