Thursday May 11, 1995

Dear Diary,

Today was a lousy day. It was rainy and gloomy. In school we had a math test. The choir and student council went to the Cathedral today for a 2 hour long mass. Linda went cause she’s student council. Dan* stared at me today. I kinda think he likes me. Don’t tell Linda! I hope it clears up tomorrow. Today in chapter 1 my desk was too small so Mark* had to get me a new one and I helped him push it toward the wall. He’s so fine. He was walking by me in chapter 1 and touched my pony tail with his arm! I was so excited. I was so bored today I drew with chalk (colored) on a peice of black construction paper. My dads only giving us 15$ bucks for Saturday. He’s so cheap but I still ❤ him. By the way, I made up with my mother. I had to. She was so sad. I ❤ her also. Debbie went to the eye doctor tonight cause she kept having headachs. The doctor said it was tension headachs. I’m glad.

See ya later, Julie

Dear 1995 Julie,

Oooh diary, please don’t suddenly become human and learn to talk and tell Linda my seep dark secret that a boy she liked was staring at me!! News flash! He was probably looking in back of you, or beside you, or not even at you, and you were just having a delusion. Besides, he wasn’t even that cute. Mark* was way cuter, and he touched your pony tail. That’s practically second base. Dude, 15$ bucks can’t get you shit! That’s like, maybe 2 scrunchies, some lanyard (aka gimp) to make keychains, and a BOP magazine. You should’ve made a big stink to get more! Cheap bastard. It’s good to know you are being productive in your down time, making fabulous calk drawings. I should actually take that little hobby up again; I’m looking to beef up my resume.

Audi! Julie

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