Saturday May 13, 1995

DISCLAIMER – The views of family members mentioned in this entry are the thoughts of 1995 Julie and 1995 Julie only. Please don’t tell Aunt Mary I talked smack about her.

Dear Diary,

I finally went to the dentist today. I got a filling in my front tooth. I’m so glad. Linda came with us cause she slept over. She is sleeping over tonight also. We went to Kmart, Marshall’s, Office Max and Toys R Us today with Linda. I got sunflowers purfume for mummy, a bop magazine and floam for me. I know it sounds greedy and all, but the purfume was $14.16. Expensive, huh? We didn’t see any cute boy except at Osco’s. He was sorta cute. We’re goin to Jean’s tomorrow for moms day for a cook out. Daddy’s baby-sitting us tonight cause mummy went out with Jean to a Fontbonne reunion. Linda let us read her diary cause we let her read ours. I wasn’t gonna give my mom a mom’s day gift cause our fight but I did anyway. I ❤ her lots! We got tickets to a sox game June 17th!! Aunt Mary got them for us. I really don’t like her much, but now I do. Just a little though. Only cause the tickets. My b-day is in 11 more days! party! I’m finally gonna be 13!! See ya later,


Dear 1995 Julie,

I see a trend here with buying perfume for mothers day. You do the same thing next year. Couldn’t you think of anything better?? Like a coupon book or some shit? That way, you’d have more money for yourself and you could’ve gotten another magazine (big bopper) and some gak to go with the floam (which are both pointless wastes of money – but you love wasting money on crap anyway, so who cares).  SO about the Aunt Mary thing…she was, and still is, really good to you so smack talking wasn’t really nice. What did she ever do to you anyway?? Brat.

Audi! Julie

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