Sunday May 14, 1995

Dear Diary,

My mom loved the gift I gave her for mothers day. We went out to Jean’s for a cook-out. It was fun. Everyone said I looked good cause my tooth. Kerri’s friend Megan Picwic was there. I don’t know why though. Last night Linda slept over and we made chain letters. It was cool. The little shits (Chris, Jeffrey, Jonathan and David Fox) said we stole there hockey stick. We did but said we didn’t to stay out of trouble. For mother’s day Erin and Kerri got Jean a emrald and diamond necklace pendant. It must have cost over 100$!! I wish I was rich. JTT was on America’s Funniest Home Videos tonight and I missed it! Again! Yes, it was a rerun. We have gym tomorrow. I hate gym. Nothing new happened today. No cute boys. Nothing. I hate Sundays. They suck. I’m so bored. See ya,


Dear 1995 Julie,

Haha, that tooth must’ve been a royal mess if everyone noticed. Actually, I’m pretty sure it was. Who gets a cavity in their front tooth making it look like there is a piece of food stuck up in there?? Ever hear of floss? It prevents cavities and gingivitis and bad breath and shit. Look it up. Cleary whoever did the filling on the tooth didn’t do it quite right because years later you will have debilitating tooth aches leading to a root canal and fake tooth implant. Nice. Those little shits were…little shits, so it’s kind of awesome that you stole their hockey stick and lied about it. But it’s also kind of mean cause they had no dad and their mom was a drunk. Oh well! Sundays don’t suck anymore. Saying it’s a fabulous day of rest is an understatement. It’s more like a vacation for your brain and personal hygiene (there was once a strict ban on showering on Sundays which has recently been lifted) and recuperation/rejuvenation day for your liver. Sundays kick ass.

Audi, Julie

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2 Responses to Sunday May 14, 1995

  1. lowandbhold says:

    Oh JTT, I couldn’t get enough of him as a small child. I wish he hadn’t disappeared into oblivion.

  2. Sundays are the worst! There’ s nothing on tv and I have to work the next day. 1995 Julie is right.

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