Monday May 22, 1996

Dear Diary,

Today was a beautiful day. I wore shorts to gym. I was in the coatroom getting the broom in school today and Mark* goes “Mark* got a big ole dick. Yea”. I was so disgusted, but he has a cute butt. Andrea sat in gum at recess today. It was funny. Mummy and Debbie got in a big fight this morning. It was fun when Linda slept over last night. We played a trick on Christina today. We took baby dolls outside and said they were real and she did not really believe us. Then we told Jonathan and David that Christina took their football and they were in her yard with her and her mom came out and gave them a look. Then the old lady next to Christina yelled at David for hopping her fence and he told her to kiss his ass. Then we played kick ball with them. I want to become friends with them. Really, I do. When we first met Jonathan I kinda thought he was cute, but he’s in 5th grade. He looks just like JTT, it’s scary, but acts like Mark*, rude. Today he grabbed his dick and pushed it up at us. That was disgusting. I wish I had a boyfriend. I can’t wait till the big dance. I hope fine boys are there. I hope some like me. I’m wicked boy crazy. I think I’m gonna lose weight, maybe become anirexic for a day or two.

See ya, Julie

Dear 1995 Julie,

Boy crazy, huh? That’s the understatement of the century. Apparently your so god damn desperate for a man you’ll stop eating for a a day or two to become skinny enough to attract one. Fucking idiot. That’s not how it works, first of all. Anorexia is a disease, once which you do not want AND it doesn’t even matter what you weigh, because as shy as you are you’re not going to attract anyone by staying a shy mute who can’t even make eye contact half the time. Also, you can’t even go 2 hours without eating, never mind two days. And a word to the wise – if a guy brags about the size of his…package…it’s most likely nothing to write home about.

Audi! Julie

*name has been changed

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One Response to Monday May 22, 1996

  1. Kasey says:

    Dear teenage Julie & Regular Julie,
    We miss you out here in cyber space.

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