Tuesday May 23, 1995

Since most people have figured out the identities of “Mark” and “Joe”, I’m not going to bother with fake names anymore. Yes world, I was in love with Brendan and Keith. There, I said it. I might not change names for other people too because it’s hard to keep up with, so if I talked badly about you, I’m sorry. I was 12. 

Dear Diary,

Today was another beautiful day. We got 2 or 3 other prank calls today. It was definitly Anna and Kristen. This time they didn’t hang up. I didn’t talk so I could hear what they were saying but they didn’t say anything. Too bad. At lunch Brendan put his butt in my face and pretend farted. I didn’t mind though cause he has a fine butt. After school Linda had choir but she couldn’t get in cause the doors were locked and Mrs. Burguland had a hissy-fit and yelled at Linda. Linda came to our house crying cause she yelled at her so bad. I felt bad for her. Guess what? David Fox has a crush on me! Some one of their black friends said that David likes me and Jonathan likes Linda. Me and Linda played kick-ball with Eve, Milton, Jeffrey, Chris, David and Jonathan. A three year old has a beeper! There wicked expensive. It’s funny! Aunt Mary gave me 4 free movies passes for my birthday!




Dear 1995 Julie,

Boys fake farting in your face is so hot.



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5 Responses to Tuesday May 23, 1995

  1. Kristin says:

    Sorry bout those calls dude LOL if only we could remember why?? Im sure it was wicked good reason 🙂 oh and Brendan did have cute little bubble butt 🙂

  2. jules524 says:

    I know! it’s not like we had much to choose form anyway.

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