Wednesday May 24, 1995

Dear Diary,

HAPPY B-DAY TO ME!! Today I turned 13! For preasents I got a charm and 20 bucks from nana, 20 more bucks from Barbie, a back-pack pocketbook from Linda, zippo from Debbie and Jean hasn’t gotten me a gift yet. I got my very first pen pal letter. Her name is Danielle Barret, she lives in Ireland. She’s 12 years old and is in the 6th grade. I’m going to the mall tomorrow for a dress for the dance. I really hope there are fine boys there. My mother is way too over protective. For only 10 mins. she wouldn’t even let me go sit on the porch. She is so mean. I know she didn’t mean it, but she said that we could stay out whenever and we can come in whatever time we want. Yea, right.

See ya,


Dear 1995 Julie,

Mini backpack pocketbooks (from Bradless, no doubt) are trés chic. You are so on top of the latest fashions it’s not even funny. Some things never change! Kidding.



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