Friday May 26, 1995

Dear Diary,

Today was the big dance! No cute boys were there and no one asked me to dance! Well actually a 11 year old boy names James asked me to dance. At first I said no, but then I made him cry so I said yes. I think we danced to “I’ll make love to you”. I feel really bad now that I said no at first. He came with Christina. Linda wanted me to ask Thomas Mila to dance with her and he said yes but then some bitch came up and grabbed him so he was just staring at Linda when he was dancing with her. I think he likes her. There was a fine boy there with an Adidas hat on. I wish he asked me to dance. Jeffrey came outside with cookies for me and Linda. He’s sweet. For a shit head. Linda’s sleeping over tonight. She told my mom and dad I danced with James. I can’t believe her.

See ya,


Dear 1995 Julie

“I’ll make love to you”. Classic. And super appropriate for dancing with an 11 year old.



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