Sunday May 28, 1995

Dear Diary,

Today we went to Danny and Alice’s for Bobby’s graduation party. It was fun. Linda came with us. Erin slept over last night and she is tonight also. Jepetta was there. I hate her goody-2-shoes guts. Her bro’s Mark and Colin were there too. Jepetta and some girls names Jen and Joanna were really rude to us. Kerri went camping with Megan Picwic so she didn’t go. Alice has a dog names Bentley, he’s big and cute and fluffy. A fine kid named John was there. We asked him to play kick-ball with us but he was too busy watching TV. He was wicked fine though. We jumped on a blow up beer can. Some man called us delinquints cause we were jumping. Jeez!

See ya!


Dear 1995 Julie,

Do you run a bed and breakfast at your place? Erin’s sleeping over all the time, and Linda might as well just move in. She’s always with you anyway.



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2 Responses to Sunday May 28, 1995

  1. Claire says:

    hahahahahah hate her goody two shoes guts hahahahahahha that just made me howl out loud. I scared my dogs. Ha!

  2. kerri says:


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