Tuesday May 30, 1995

Dear Diary,

Today Timmy and Barbie came over cause Barbie had to cut Debbie’s hair for her spelling bee. I hope she wins. We got our school pictures back today. I look ugly. Brendan looks wasted and Matthew look like a girl! (sorry Matt)7thgrade There’s a new JTT mag out. I gotta get it. Last night there was a tornado near the Birchiers. Luckily it didn’t come near us. We didn’t go outside today cause it was gonna rain out but it didn’t. Sometimes mom is so over protective. We got some pranks today. I know for sure it was Kristen. I hate them bitches. She told Mr. Butler that the kids could use our toilet on field day. Yea right.

See ya,


Dear 1995 Julie,

(OMG. “Them bitches”)

I think you mean Berkshires. Good thing Debbie is in the spelling bee and not you, not that you’d even make it past the first qualifying round anyway. Oh well, 2 things in life you really don’t need are spelling skills (spell check and google save your ass) and math skills (calculators are everywhere). 2 things you do need – sense of humor and close pals. And beer. And a nice car. And the ability to have fun, wherever and whenever. And love! Awww.



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