Wednesday May 31, 1995

Dear Diary,

Today was in the high 80’s early 90’s. I was sweating to death. We had an essembly today and I got diddly-squat. Debbie was in a spelling bee at the knights of columbus. She got a little bee award. Dianna Buda won 1st place. She’s wicked smart and in 6th grade. She won a trophy and $100. Kristin Larvey won a trophy and $50 for second place and some other boy won 3rd place trophy and $50 also. Barbie, nana and Kerri were there as well as me, dad and mom. All the teachers were there too. There were 2 fine boys there. Kerri think Keith is kinda cute! So does Debbie! I think he kinda is also, but Brendan is cuter.

See ya!


Dear 1995 Julie,

Dang, maybe spelling is cool. You get money for being good at it. If only you studied instead of reading dopey magazines about JTT. You know his birthday, sign, favorite food and the names of his dogs, but can you spell the word ASSEMBLY?? No. No you cannot.



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2 Responses to Wednesday May 31, 1995

  1. Paula says:

    I remember losing that spelling bee on the word campaign. I spelled in right the first time, but they did not hear me and made me spell it again and I added an e! So pissed!

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