Friday June 2nd, 1995

Dear Diary,

Today was a half day in school. Thuy let me sit with her and Tram, Paula and Debbie. Well at least it’s someone. We went to Dimetrios for lunch with Linda but we didn’t see the fine kid that works at the gas station. Too bad. It was hot out today also. Linda’s sleeping over tonight. She has a feis (note – not a made-up or misspelled word. it’s an Irish step dance thing) tomorrow. We went to castle island for supper tonight. We saw Michelle Johnson and her mom Barbara. Her and mom were talking for like a half hour. Michelle is so skinny it’s disgusting. We also have to baby-sit Timmy and Katie tomorrow. I got a new magazine tonight – teen machine. Cool. Christina and her friend Elizabeth played a trick on us. It was wicked lame. She took out a crutch and said that she sprained her ankle but she didn’t. Elizabeth called Linda a idiot and I called her a goody-two shoes. Then they started a so-called “I hate Linda club”. Then Elizabeth came out and said she only said those things so Christina would like her, but we all knew she was faking.

See ya,


Dear 1995 Julie,

You use the word also too much. Also, stop wasting your money on fucking magazines!!!



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One Response to Friday June 2nd, 1995

  1. Paula says:

    are you saying you settled for us!?!? haha 🙂

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