Saturday August 12, 1995

Dear Diary,

Today Linda got home from Ireland! Her cousin Adrean has a girlfriend! Oh well. She had a great time. She sorta has a b-f named John over there. He asked her to a disco! I’m so pathetic. I’m 13 and haven’t had a boyfriend yet! We called Brian today. Twice! Me and Linda called him once and then just me. I couldn’t believe it! He goes back to school Sept. 6th too! He turns 13 November 16. He went to Thayer for day camp. That’s right across the street from Erin and Kerri! That’s so cool! He said to call him later tomorrow. He asked me what I was doing tomorrow so we could call him. I could’ve sworn he wanted to ask me out but he just wanted me to call him tomorrow. Me, Debbie, and Linda might be going to the movies on Monday so we might ask Brian to come with us with 2 of his friends. It would be so dude! I hope he says yes. We’re going to a CYO cookout tomorrow. There’s a dance for CYO again in September I’ll ask Brian to go. I ❤ him!!



Dear 1995 Julie,

Be prepared to be pathetic for a long, long, long, extended, long while.

Where did you go wrong???



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