Friday August 25, 1995

Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven’t written to you in so long. Well, a couple of weeks ago we went to NH for 3 shitty days. Erin’s friend Jen came. She is nice sometimes but bratty the next minute. All she did was suck up to Barbie and she bought it. Tricha, Billy, Kathleen, Kit Becca and Meggie were there too. We went down with Barbie, Tim and Katie. Kerri’s friend Megan Picewic was there too. I felt bad for her. Kerri paid more attention to me. She cryed the whole time there. She had to come home with us. We also went to the cape. That was OK. Barbie said that Debbie was rude and disrespectful to her and she wasn’t. Then she, Erin, Kerri, Timmy, Katie, Gunther, Rebecca, Frans, Dave and Linda, Big Dave and Stephen went on a duck tour around town. We didn’t go. Me, Deb and Linda are starting a ghostwriter team, minus the ghost, We get clues and solve mysteries. We have a case against Stephen O’Brians mom. She stole something. It’s cool. Well, see ya


Dear 1995 Julie,




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