Friday September 8, 1995

Dear Diary,

Hi! Today in school we said mass (the 8th grade). I said a responsorial psam. I sounded quiet, but good. Before mass Mr. Butler took my paper and didn’t give it back till the middle of mass. I was pissed. Brendan looked fine today. His hair wasn’t gelled. We had to clean the gym for a yard sale tomorrow. Suzanne was surprisingly nice to me. Today is JTT’s birthday. He turns 14. I’ll catch up with him in May. Linda got invited to Michelle’s sleepover. She thinks she’s so cool now. Well, she isn’t. Sometimes she gets on my nerves. I think she likes me more than Debbie. I hope not. In her diary she wrote that Debbie copies her on everything. She writes bad stuff about us all the time. She’s kind rude sometimes. She’s supposed to be our best friend. I guess not.



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