Sunday Sep 10, 1995

Dear Diary,

HI! Today I was kinda bored. Well, first we went to Nanas to give her flowers for grandparents day, then to Osco’s to get my art supplies for school tomorrow, and drop off my film then to get movies. We got “Bye Bye Love” and “Milk Money” (so it wasn’t that boring, sorry). We watched “Bye Bye Love” then we picked up mom from work and then we went to barnes & noble for a book to help me and Debbie get into high school. I also got the book “The Diary of Anne Frank”. Even though I’m not done with it, it’s very good. If I become famous and die or something I want you to be published. Other than that, you will remain private. Well I g/g now cause Debbie wants the light off. Good Night and c-ya


Dear 1995 Julie,

So, you didn’t become famous and die or something, but this shit is the opposite of private. Sorry…?



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