Sunday October 8, 1995

Dear Diary,

Wuz ^ ? Sorry I haven’t written to you in so long. Well the news around the globe this month is the O.J trial. Last week he was found guilty of killing his ex-wife (Nicole Brown – Simpson) and her friend (Ron Goldman). I thought for sure he would be guilty. All the black people say he’s innoscent just because he’s black. It’s raceisim. We were on the news because of Tim Neahring. Big Whoop! Tuesday when we go to school I hope Brendan will notice me! I Love him with a capital L!!! I developed my film today but don’t get it back till tomm. I can’t wait. Katie fell through a glass-top table and got 4 stitches in her finger. Poor baby. She’s so cute! We got a new TV finally! It’s great. Well Audi!


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One Response to Sunday October 8, 1995

  1. I love that you apologized to your diary for not writing sooner.

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