Tuesday October 10, 1995

Dear Diary,

Hello! It’s me again. Wuz ^? Well today in school I got 2 chain letters. One from Sheila and another from Suzanne. Then over the weekend I got one from Linda. I have only 7 left to write. It goes like this “…you have to drink a cup of milk on the 5th day you recive this…say a boys name that you like and he’ll ask you out…if you don’t you’ll have bad luck with boys forever.” Well I wrote it cause I want to have good luck with boys. And then I’m going to say Brendans name! (of course). In english I was reading the letter Sheila gave me and Brendan was passing out papers and he read the letter over my shoulder! I said “whataya lookin at?” playfully. I think he is the finest thing on the face of the earth. Tomorrow is my last day to send out the letter. Then Sunday is the last day for the other ones. I’m kind of nervous I won’t get them out in time, but I will.  Well G/G



Dear 1995 Julie,

Chain letters! The email forward of the 90s. Clearly you got them all out in time and drank milk while saying Brendan’s name because you had such awesome luck with guys and now you and Brendan are married with 8 children living the dream. SIKE!



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3 Responses to Tuesday October 10, 1995

  1. haha! Brendan is F.I.N.E fine! I bet he spends quality time with his kids when he can 😉

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