Friday October 13, 1995

(Editors note – Friday the 13th in October! Spooky! Surprisingly, I never mentioned this in my entry. Why you ask? It had nothing to do with Brendan Flynn, that’s why)

Dear Diary,

Hi! Wuz up?! Today in school we had tag day. I want mom to buy me and Debbie plaid shirts but she says “there not feminine”. What are we supposed to wear, skirts? I dunno. Well Brendan looked fine as usual. The big yard sale is tomorrow and Linda wants us to sell bracelets there. I want to. I’ll charge a buck each. I wanna make some money. There filming a movie “Celtic Pride” in the old Boston Garden and they need extras for the fans in the stands, but mom won’t let us go cause it’s too early. 8:00, oooh that’s too early. Keith, Richard, James, Anna and maybe more are going.



Dear 1995 Julie,

Thank God you eventually learn the difference between there their and they’re. My hands practically cripple up when I have to type the wrong one. UGH. Anyway! Only a buck for bracelets?? That’s not very smart. It cost you at least that much just to take the bus to Woolworth’s, and the yarn…and all the time and energy you put into making them…math was never (and will never be) your strong suit.



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2 Responses to Friday October 13, 1995

  1. I want to buy a bracelet!

  2. I love your blog premise! so wonderful and creative

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