Saturday October 21, 1995

Dear Diary,

Today we saw the best movie in the world. Now and Then. It’s about these 4 girls who make a pact to stay BFFL. Then 20 years later they come back to the town they lived in and one of them had a baby. It was the feel-good movie of the year. Devon Sawa is in it. He’s Scott Wormer. The neighborhood bully turned sweetheart. He has a naked scene! He’s skinny dipping and you can see his butt! He’s got a white ass! But it’s nice! I got a mag today, Teen Beat. Mary Mullin (mom’s cousin) came w/ us to the movie. She is giving us her bird, Spike. Cool. I ❤ DEVON SAWA!! Every time I see his face I get weak in the knees. I want me, Debbie and Linda to be like the girls in the movie. There so cool. I want to get a new tire for my bike so we can ride everywhere like them. Devon is the most georgus guy I’ve ever seen! But he’s like 4 years older than me though (he’s 17). Oh well! He’s fine!



Dear 1995 Julie,

The feel good movie of the year, amazing. I think you missed your calling.



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2 Responses to Saturday October 21, 1995

  1. chandra says:

    Oh wow, I literally LOL’d through this whole post. I remember when Now and Then came out… and I remember feeling the same way! Haha – I wanted to marry Devon Sawa and I wanted my 3 best friends and I to end up like the girls in the movies. I even make dumb references to that movie sometimes and no one gets it. Sad.

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