Monday November 6, 1995

Dear Diary,

Hello! I got a letter from Dani (pen pal) Saturday. Cool. Today in the school-yard I swear Brendan was staring at me. WOW!! Then in gym we played Dr. Dodge ball (again) and I was on Brendan’s team and we were trying to pick Dr’s and Brendan suggested that I be the doctor! In his exact words “Julie”!!!!! WOW! I ❤ him so much! Did I ever tell you that I once saw Jonathan Taylor Thomas live in person?! Well, January 7, 1995 me, Debbie and mom saw him at the Bayside expo center. It was the best day of my life. I got 2 autographs. And he smiled at me!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? We waited in line for four hours! But it was definitly worth the wait though. He was there cause of a car show. I hope Devon’s there this year. Last year in line we made friends. We had our pictures taken with him, but the woman who took it never sent it to us. Bummer. Oh well maybe he’ll be back next year.



Dear 1995 Julie,

Holy S!! 2 autographs?? I know exactly what poster it was…a BOP centerfold with a blue background and he was wearing a blue plaid vest and making finger gun hand gesture, obvi. Where the fuck is it?! Damn! I wish I kept better tabs on that….



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2 Responses to Monday November 6, 1995

  1. I need to take more photos using the finger gun gesture. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. oh I miss old posters. the pictures in our mind are invaluable, though

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