Thursday Jan 4, 1996

Dear Diary,

Happy New Year! Well, for new years eve me and Debbie baby-sat for Timmy and Katie. Great way to ring in the new year, huh? Well, for Christmas we got a TV set for our room, c.d. walkman, c.d. stand, a little bin for all our bracelet shit, sand art (from Katie, she had me in the grab) a Take That c.d. from nana, a book from nana, and tons of clothes. I also got ice skates from Aunt Mary, and a necklace from Carol Ann with my initials on it. I’m getting c.d’s from Uncle Bob. Tom & Huck came out already, but I haven’t seen it! I feel so unfaithful to JTT & Brad! But I’m gonna see it Saturday or Friday. We had a snowstorm yesterday and had no school. Today was an hour delay but mom wouldn’t let us go. Bummer. Oh well.



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2 Responses to Thursday Jan 4, 1996

  1. “Way to ring in the New Year huh?”

    What kind of raging were you expecting to be doing at that age?

  2. Haha sand art…I used to have some of that. I realize now that sand is not art. Oh well.

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