Thursday January 25, 1996

Dear Diary,

Hi! Wuz ^ ? Well, we got the babysitting jobs. One is for Trish 2x a week for Kylie, Tom and Leah & the other is for Jill Gallagher (Trish’s friend) on Lonsdale. We sit for her 2 little girls Lilly (15mo.) and Leah (5mo). The are so cute. They have 5 cats. Sweet pea, pea pod, peaches, chole, and sir something-or-other (I don’t know his name). They don’t have much, I feel bad for them. I’m opening a bank-account. Cool. We got graduation pics yesterday and I was the first. Well I think Brendan likes me with my hair up cause when I had it up he looked at me but when I had it down he didn’t look as often. He is such a hottie. I got a 63 on my history test. I’m so totally stupid. Anyway nothing else is new so talk to ya lata,



Dear 1996 Julie,

You are not totally stupid!! History is for geeks anyway, you never use it in every day life. Plus, in the future if you ever need to know anything about anything, just google it or read the entire wikipedia page about it. Sure wikipedia isn’t always accurate, but at least you’re reading!



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