Wednesday January 31, 1996

Dear Diary,

Hi! Today in school we had “share day” with the second grade and they have wicked attitudes! One little girl told Sheila to go back to 1st grade to learn how to read and then Debbie told a little girl to draw a picture and she said “make me!” Jeez! Then I wuz like “what the hell” and the little kids in my group go “ooooooo” then I say “no I said heck” then they said “ooooooo” even louder then I said “O my god” and they said “you used the Lords name in vain” then Mrs Frain and Mrs Murphy came over. The kids me and Debbie had were noisy. I think Brendan wuz lookin at me during share time. Tomorrow in school is the spaghetti lunchin. Kewl. I hope we have as much fun as we did last year. I tried to throw a rowl at Kenny but it hit Mrs Phealen instead and Brian Witcher ate a butter packet. Gross.



Dear 1996 Julie

OMG. Rowl??? Are you fucking kidding me. WOW kid. It’s roll. WOW.



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3 Responses to Wednesday January 31, 1996

  1. I imagine 1996 Julie threw her kewl rowl at Brendon that year.

  2. Paula says:

    LOL!!! This one is too much…between the “rowl” and hitting Mrs. Phelan is too funny!

  3. kerri says:


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